DSLR 201

DSLR 201


One of the best ways to leave a legacy for your families is through capturing your lives in photographs.  It is truly the best way to preserve the stories of who you are and where you came from.  The advancement of digital photography has made it not only widely accessible, but also affordable to tap into that side of our creativity and expression.

Three years ago, I began to realize as more and more people were picking up DSLR cameras, that there was so much that was missing.  Simply powering on the camera and firing away on fully automatic, yields great results…about 50% of the time.  That may seem like a great chance at capturing an award winning photo, but there is so much you are missing.

These observations left me wanting to create an affordable and understandable set of classes that would empower people to leave behind the automatic settings, to switch over to manual and to ultimately use this knowledge to better capture the their lives.

If you fit into these categories, these classes are for you.  I teach classes in small groups of 15 and strive to make them informative, fun and easy to understand and learn no matter what level you come in at!

Class Description

This class will build off of the CAMERA BASICS course.  We will revisit the topic of manual exposure as a review and as a building block for the remaining topics.  We will be covering several smaller topics in this course that will round out your knowledge of your DSLR camera.

Among those topics, we will be looking in depth at the camera’s autofocus system.  A great picture can be easily ruined when it is either not in focus or the wrong thing is in focus.  Our cameras have the ability to focus quickly, but we will learn how to do that more precisely and as fast as we can.

We will be covering the following topics in this course:

  • Auto Focus System
  • White Balance
  • Composition
  • Metering
  • RAW vs JPG
  • Focal Length

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